Thursday, March 10, 2011

Karl K - Binary Code (1997)

So here we are with another classic, unearthed gem of a mixtape. Released sometime in 1997, Binary Code stands out to me as one of Philly don Karl K's finest mixes - less a show of tricks and skill,(though that pops up as expected), it's the overall vibe created and sustained throughout the mix that makes this one stand out. It also takes me right back to a particular time period of my life: In November of 1997 I moved from my parents house in Northeast Philadelphia and in with friends in South Philly, but was still commuting an hour+ each way every day to work. Throughout the following 3-4 months I played this tape pretty much everyday on my subway rides - it acted as the soundtrack to one of my favorite books, Snow Crash, which I was reading at the time on said commutes. It was the perfect accompaniment: futuristic techstep and early neurofunk by the likes of Trace, Adam F, Dillinja, Optical, Matrix, Andy C, DJ Krust, Future Forces Inc., and others. Apologies for no tracklist this time around - there are too many unknowns on this one for me, but have a go at it in the comments if you'd like!

Karl K - Binary Code (1997) Side 1

Karl K - Binary Code (1997) Side 2

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To download: just click on the "divshare" logo. On that next page, click the "download" button. You'll get a 15 second countdown, then it takes you to the same "download" screen again. Click "download" again, it will prompt you to open or save. Save and import into itunes, winamp, etc, and viola! Whatever way you do it, enjoy!

P.S. New podcast like so soon. Slackin hardcore over here, so sorry y'all!

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